Almond, Eyeless 

by Karen Meadows

In her stunning debut, ALMOND, EYELESS, Karen Meadows explores the complex interaction between internal and external landscapes, and the powerful influence of context on experience. Through rich sound and unexpected imagery, ALMOND, EYELESS confronts how the self is compromised by society, relationships or even brief, impersonal interactions, yet maintains the persistent, often desperate need to be understood by another. Meadows brings a distinct, original voice to invented and traditional poetic forms, guiding readers across the contours of boredom, guilt and misunderstanding to reveal the beauty that resides within our own vulnerabilities and starvations.

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Karen Meadows

ALMOND, EYELESS (2018, Groundhog Poetry Press) is the first book of poetry by Karen Meadows. Her poems have appeared in Subtropics, Blackbird andThe Hollins Critic. She holds an M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Hollins University. Working to market small businesses and startups, she lives outside Philadelphia with her husband, son and two dogs.