Groundhog Poetry Press LLC is a small, independent press dedicated to publishing absolutely the best poetry we can find without regard to any factor other than quality. We are searching out the finest poetry of all varieties with the steady determination of that gentle groundhog who ate the very last plump pumpkin in your garden. (Sorry about that; winter was coming on, and she needed the nutrition.)

GPP has no house style. We subscribe to no theory of poetry. We publish established poets and new poets, prize-winning poets and those deserving of prizes, and those to whom the very thought of poetry prizes is anathema. We only want the best poetry we can find. We have just published our first suite of five books, as bright and shiny as a coin fresh from the mint. You can find them here on this website. If you are a reader who finds first-rate new poetry as exciting as we do, please take a look.

If you are yourself a poet, and you flip that gleaming coin for a look at its other side, you’ll find that, alas, because of our small size and the overwhelming number of American poets looking for publishers for their poems these days, we are unable to look at or respond to uninvited manuscript submissions or even queries.

We tend to publish in spring, much like our neighborly groundhogs who emerge from the burrows where they’ve slept the winter through, curled up with their noses tucked warmly in their bushy tails. We invite you to drop in often to see what we’ve been up to.